3 Reasons to Have Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof

As the world moves towards renewable energy, solar power has become very popular among property owners. This is energy sourced from the sun and sustained through photovoltaic (PV) cells. This technology helps to turn sunlight into usable electricity. Most property owners see solar energy as a better alternative to the traditional forms of energy, including fossil and nuclear energy.

To enjoy solar energy, you have to invest in a solar system, which comprises solar panels and energy storage units. Solar panels generate direct current electricity sent to the solar inverter to be converted into alternating current electricity. The alternative current electricity is distributed to your home appliances through a switchboard. This article gives you the top 3 reasons why you should install solar panels on your roof.

Cut or Eliminate Your Energy Bills

If you live in an area with an average amount of sun, like Arizona, you will be surprised to learn how much you can save, in terms of energy cost, when you install solar panels on your house. In warm spring, you will be able to generate more solar energy than you need. So, you won’t have to draw electricity from the grid.

Furthermore, solar panels can draw energy even on a cloudy day. Therefore, you don’t have to live in a sunny location to enjoy solar power. Indirect or diffused sunlight will still enable you to control your appliances without bloating your utility bills. Studies have shown that cloudy weather produces about 20 percent of the solar energy produced on a sunny day.

Help Protect the Environment

Unlike nuclear and fossil energy, solar power draws clean, pure energy directly from the sun. Therefore, installing solar panels on your home will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that destroy the environment.

Traditional forms of energy are mainly derived from coal and natural gases, which release harmful gases to the environment, causing air pollution and climate change. Not only is fossil energy harmful to the environment, but it’s also very costly.

Earn Tax Rebates

When installing solar panels, you will get 30% of total system costs back as federal income tax rebates. You will also get solar renewable energy credits (SREC’s) as well as state and local tax rebates. These SRECs are generated annually, and you can trade them with utility companies. The idea behind these rebates is to encourage people to embrace renewable energy.