ACM Wall Panels

ACM Wall Panels

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ACM Wall Panel Styles

ACM wall panels come in metal, wood grain, and a wide variety of colors to suit your preferences.

Benefits of ACM Wall Panels

Immediate Curb Appeal

The QuickPanel® design is intended to both protect and aesthetically enhance your building, for lasting value and curb appeal. ACM panels come with ColorMatch and ColorLock® technology and no-face fasteners to create a refined look that appeals to tenants, consumers, and residents alike. Explore the range of color options on the manufacturer’s site.

Fits the Most Demanding Design Criteria

The all-in-one aluminum composite material is manufactured with the strength and flexibility necessary to meet the most demanding design criteria.

Manufactured in North America

Our ACM panels are manufactured in North America to meet the most stringent standards and regulations, ensuring your property is up to code.

Impressive Longevity

AAMA 508 certified and built to last, ACM panels are tested and proven to stand up to water and wind. You can rest assured that the weather performance of your building will be top-rate. With intelligently designed system-wide drainage, circulation, and ventilation, the ACM system promises to promote the integrity and longevity of your property.

Class A Fire Rated

ACM panels pass the American Society for Testing and Materials Test Method E-84 (ASTM E-84) at a Class A level. They have the lowest fire spread rate and minimal smoke production, meeting the strictest rating for building materials.

Built for All Seasons

Our ACM panels are made for every season. They are UV protected, wind load tested, and contain an integrated rain screen. So, whether your building is battling heat and sun, or rain and high winds, ACM panels will stand strong and look beautiful.