Don’t Let Your Commercial Roof Get “Blisters” Like This!

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The reason for this video is I want to talk a little bit about our our roof saver and roof saver plus and I want to point some things out on this roof um that we could have avoided had we had someone up here maintaining this roof on at least an annual basis. So I’m going to flip the camera around and talk a little bit about some of the issues that we found and we’ll hopefully we get a good short-format video and show you some of the reasons why you want Commercial Roofs of Texas roof saver or roof saver plus.

Here’s another good example of an issue that we find on modbit roofs. This is what we would refer to as a blister. As you look at this roof you’ll see several blisters in the roof system right out here in front of us and what happens is you get moisture condensation trapped underneath the roof system and it has no place to go. As it heats up, that moisture expands and eventually it causes this roof to separate. This leaves a big blister just like a blister on your hand these aren’t good. This is a premature failure of your roof system and with the roof saver and roof saver plus program if we get on it early enough we can resolve those and fix those.

We can come in and patch that remove the moisture dry that little section out and do it for a lot less cost than it would be to replace the entire roof system because you have these everywhere and it’s started leaking inside of your facility. So call Commercial Roofs of Texas talk to us about our roof saver and roof saver plus program because as you’ll see there’s a couple more blisters right there and you can see a bunch of little small ones that are starting. That’s a perfect example of something that we can come in and take care of for a nominal cost. We can fix these little blisters before they become huge problems and a huge expense to your building.