Benefits of Roof Saver and Roof Saver Plus for Bitumen Roofs

Since we get a lot of questions about the types of issues that can occur with modified bitumen and granule covered asphalt roofs, we created a video that discusses some of these issues and explains how our Roof Saver Plus program helps remediate these issues. It can definitely make a difference in the life of the building’s roof.

In this, we will talk a little bit about our Roof Saver and Roof Saver plus and point some things out on this roof that we could have avoided had we had someone up here maintaining this roof on at least an annual basis. So I’m going to flip the camera around and I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the issues that we found and we’ll kind of stitch this all together and hopefully we get a good little video a short format and show you some of the reasons why you want Commercial Roofs of Texas Roof Saver or Roof Saver Plus.

This particular roof system is a modified bitumen. it’s a granule covered asphalt type product. it’s got some polymers in it It’s an older roof system. This particular roof was locked down. One of the issues is that over time the granules come off. The purpose of these granules is to protect the asphalt and to the degree the granules remain stuck to the asphalt, that’s what gives them their lifespan. As the granules come off the asphalt gets exposed to the elements, it starts to break down. So when you start to see granules piled up on your roof like this, where I can kind of shovel them up here, it’s really not a good thing. Those need to be removed because what happens is that this creates an area where when it rains, that area stays wet for a longer period of time. Modified bitumen is not a roof designed to have water sitting on it for a long period of time.

When you have our our Roof Saver Maintenance Plan, we have some extra options. We can pressure wash single plys, we’ll use a blower vac to blow off the roof and clean the debris off but you want to get all the debris off your roof system. The debris on your roof blows around. It bangs around and although it doesn’t seem like it can do much damage, it really can. Little things like this piece of cardboard right here as they bounce across the roof they remove granules and you don’t want that. So this is a great example of why cleaning roof debris is so important. This is up in the upper corner of the roof. The wind is blowing the debris all into a pile. When it rains it traps moisture and you’ll see that right here we have a seam that started to fail. Just another thing that we want to look at as far as roof maintenance goes. If we can solve that problem before it becomes a big issue, we extend the life of your roof. That’s the purpose of the Roof Saver or Roof Saver Plus Programs.