Annual Inspections Find Flaws That Could Spell Trouble For Your Building

Roof-Blisters-Commercial-Roof-Maintenance-Commercial-Roof-Repair-San-Angelo-TX Why Annual Roof Inspections Are Important Hi, this is Matt with Commercial Roofs of Texas. I’m inspecting a roof for an annual inspection. A new roof that we installed last year in North Dallas. Just checking it out. Everything appears to be in good shape. I noticed they got a new air conditioner on … Read more

Why Use PVC Single Ply Roofing

Here’s Why You Want a PVC Roof We’re out here on a fire restoration project looking at the roof. We’re getting ready to replace it and i wanted to share with you the value I see here. A lot of people don’t understand the value of PVC. This building would have burned to the ground … Read more

Top 7 Ways to Increase the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Installing a roof on your commercial building is a significant investment, so you need to take steps toward prolonging its lifespan. Many factors determine your commercial roof’s longevity, including your building’s location and the roofing materials used. Notwithstanding these factors, you have to find the right commercial roof maintenance service for your roof. Proper maintenance … Read more

Don’t Let Your Commercial Roof Get “Blisters” Like This!


Learn more about our RoofSaver program The reason for this video is I want to talk a little bit about our our roof saver and roof saver plus and I want to point some things out on this roof um that we could have avoided had we had someone up here maintaining this roof on … Read more