Don’t Let This Roof Happen To You!

Hey good morning. Mark Taylor here with commercial roots of texas on a fabulously beautiful thursday morning. I had to think about that for a minute. Anyway, I’m out here on a trapezoidal standing seam roof. They’ve got leaks. I’m going to talk a little bit about why they have leaks and why you don’t want to use trapezoidal standing seam panels if you have to have it more than 45 to 50 feet long because they will leak. They’re exposed fasteners and with the expansion and contraction in Texas because of the hot cold (like right now we’ll be at 85 this afternoon and drop down to 55…that’s a 30 degree swing in temperature) and that causes sheet metal which is what our standing streamers are made out of to move a lot. So we’re going to talk a little bit about why you don’t want to use a trap panel in this application and why we have leaks. We’ll see what people have done to try to repair those leaks in the past. I’m going to flip the camera around and we’ll talk a little bit about it. So one of the first things I want to talk about is using exposed fasteners in a standing seam panel. We can see them right here along this eve edge. But I’m going to jump over and i’m going to show you the seams because they can’t run the panels in the factory the full length of the roof. They have to run them what they can fit on a truck. So they have these seams with exposed fasteners in the roof and you’ll see right here that somebody has come in there should be some two-sided butyl tape underneath this joint but you’ll see where people have come in and they’ve siliconed it. They’ve coated it. They’ve gone over here you can see the fasteners along the sidewall flashing. They put coating in here and all of this is a temporary fix as this roof moves a lot. That coating expands and contracts and it breaks down and it cracks and guess what? All this has been done but the roof is still leaking. So again call Commercial Roofs in Texas and let you let us show you how to do a true standing seam roof with no exposed fasteners that will eliminate all of these problems. You can have a roof like that should last 60 years. Shouldn’t have any leaks but here we are and it’s not the first repair it’s had. We’re gonna try to get them a six month period of dry and give them a permanent solution going forward. So again call Commercial Roofs of Texas for all your metal roofing needs. Because we are good at what we do and we love metal roofing.