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While Texas can handle a lot, most current roofing systems in Texas are not designed to handle ice and snow.
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Why Is Ice So Damaging To Texas Roofs

An ice dam is caused by the freezing and thawing of snow on a roof, leading to ice buildup and interior leaks. Ice dams are the single greatest cause of snow damage to roofs and home interiors. In Texas, most roofs are not weatherized for deep freezes, like they are further north.

Ice dams form when heat escapes a home through the roof, that heat melts a layer of snow, and this process of repeated thawing and refreezing of water causes ice dams. Ice dams cause roof damage but they are only the beginning. Left untreated, water damage can occur on both the exterior and interior of the home, leading to structure issues and wood rot. 

2 Big Reasons To Call Us Right Now About Your Roof

Texas homes are built to take a beating from heat, high winds, hail, and rain. But, the winter storm we’ve experienced in 2021 wasn’t something that home builders or current code regulations planned for, which is why it’s wreaking havoc across our state. The damages are comparable to a hurricane.

Roofs With Insufficient Protection

In Texas, ice & water shields are only placed in roof valleys, which is usually sufficient. But, the sustained freezing cycles left unprecedented amounts of ice and snow sitting on the unprotected areas of your roof for too long.

Ice Dams

Ice dams cause deeper levels of damage to your roof and the internal structure of your home because they block your roof’s ability to drain liquid as it usually would. The longer that water stays on the roof, the worse the damage.
The combination of weight, freezing water expansion & contraction and melt-water damage means a simple re-roofing project could turn into millions in damages.

Free Emergency Roof Inspection for Ice & Water Damage

Due to the unprecedented number of impacted buildings, appointments for inspections & repairs/replacements are filling up fast.


Depend on Commercial Roofs Of Texas For Ice Damage Roof Repairs

There’s been a lot of bad weather lately and Commercial Roofs of Texas wants to make sure you know what options you have at your disposal, to make sure your buildings are protected from ice damage now and melt water damage later.

Since we are able to get approval from most insurance companies, we have been able to help hundreds of business owners make sure their roof is replaced with the highest quality replacement in the industry at no cost to the owner, using 4 main steps.

1. our manufacturer-certified roofing experts inspect your roof.

2. our inspection experts will put together a diagnostic report.

3. we provide you with the information you need for your insurance claim and we prepare you to speak with your insurance company.

4. we will work with your insurance company directly if needed

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Decrease operating expenses and boost revenue

Solar power can substantially reduce or eliminate utility expenses.


Generate ROI

You can generate a return on your investment in just 3-5 years. Companies that leverage solar power can gain anywhere from hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars in savings. This is especially true in Texas, where we rank #4 in sunniest states in the U.S. Solar is one of our greatest assets—capitalize on it!


Boost tenant confidence & lease renewals

The Department of Energy reports that buildings with solar energy features and LEED certifications earn higher rents and enjoy lower vacancy than other buildings. When tenants see their building investing in technologies and updating their facilities, they can feel confident that it will perform well in the long-term, which boosts lease renewals and long-term leases.


Attract desirable tenants

More than half of Fortune 500 companies are committed to limiting their greenhouse gas emissions. Smaller organizations are also following in their footsteps. They will search for commercial real estate that is energy-efficient and supports their pledge to reduce their carbon footprints. Investing in solar will enable your property to be considered by these highly prized tenants.


Install for free or low-cost

In many cases, Commercial Roofs of Texas has been able to add solar to a building when installing a new roof or replacing an existing roof at no extra cost! Significant tax incentives are also available to you, which allows most property owners to write off up to 90% of the costs. With free or nearly-free installation, impressive savings on energy bills, and the potential for long-term leases at higher rents, solar is a smart investment for commercial building owners and property managers.

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  • Matt Lee and Commercial Roofs of Texas was a great experience from start to finish! Their prices were fare, the work was quality, and their customer service was top notch!

  • I called with an emergency repair. They were busy so the manager came out to help before rain hit. They were very courteous and professional. I would use them again.

  • Great job in troubleshooting our roofing issues and sending team to resolve!! Matt was great to deal with updated us on progress as job progressed. Would highly recommend!!!

  • These guys are unreal! We have many commercial business clients we recommend services to, and no one goes above and beyond like Mark Taylor and his team there. If you need someone to look at your roof and don't want to be upsold, but just want the truth about what is needed? OMG, call these guys today.

  • Great experience. Commercial Roofs of Texas has a dedication to high standards and care. Highly recoimmend.

  • Matt was outstanding to work with, they did an excellent job on the new roof for the Crossing Fellowship.

  • Professional company that is on the cutting edge of roofing. Mark and his team stand behind what they do and take care of thier clients.