Is a Reflective Roof Coating Worth it?

A reflective roof coating is a type of paint used on roofs to help reflect solar radiation. It reduces solar heat as it enters your building while extracting excess heat, thus improving your building’s insulation. But is a reflective roof coating worth it? This article offers you some benefits of having a reflective roof coating on your roof.

Enhanced Roof Protection

Since this reflective roof coating can reflect most of the harmful UV rays away from the roof’s surface, it protects your roof against premature aging and damage. This also helps to extend the lifespan of your roof. The prolonged exposure of your roof to the excess sun can result in numerous roofing issues, including blisters, decay, and leaks.

Without a reflective coating, your roof will absorb most of the heat and UV rays from the sun, causing it to age and deteriorate prematurely. If your roof is made of TPO or thermoset membranes, they will become brittle, chalk, and break down. This makes the room less flexible, resulting in torn seams and ripped membranes when the temperature fluctuates. Ultimately, your roof will start to leak, requiring urgent repairs or a replacement.

Reduced Energy Costs

By reflecting solar heat and UV rays away from your building, this roof coating ensures a reduced heat transfer from the roof to the house. Consequently, it keeps your interiors cool, thus preventing you from running your air conditioner throughout the day. Some property owners who have installed roofs with this reflecting coating say it reduced temperatures in their buildings by 15-20 degrees.

Decreased Life-Cycle Costs

Apart from improving the lifespan of your roof, this reflective roof coating also requires low maintenance, allowing you to cut down the cost of repairs and inspections.

Improved Comfort and Efficiency

With a reflective roof coating, temperatures in your house will remain low without regular fluctuations. This results in improved comfort and efficiency of employees, especially if you are in a commercial building. Even your customers will be happy to visit your office regularly.

Safe Environment

When choosing your reflective roof coating, go for the one with zero or deficient volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, make sure the paint doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or strong odor. That way, your reflective roof coating will help to preserve the environment by lowering emissions in the atmosphere. This coating also helps to protect the environment by reducing the use of an air-conditioner.