3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roofs, which are mostly flat, pose numerous challenges in terms of repair and replacement. Since shingles and metals are not ideal for flat roofs, owners of commercial buildings are forced to use the only viable options: Built-up roof, TPO, PVC, and thermoset membranes. Unfortunately, these roofing options are quite costly to repair and replace. … Read more

Is a Reflective Roof Coating Worth it?

A reflective roof coating is a type of paint used on roofs to help reflect solar radiation. It reduces solar heat as it enters your building while extracting excess heat, thus improving your building’s insulation. But is a reflective roof coating worth it? This article offers you some benefits of having a reflective roof coating … Read more

Keeping Water from Pooling on Commercial Roofs

Since most commercial buildings have flat roofs, it’s challenging for owners of such structures to prevent rainwater pooling on their roofs. For steep-slope roofs, you can quickly drain rainwater by installing gutters. So, what happens when you have a flat commercial roof in a heavy rain environment? Continue reading to find out how you can … Read more

How Soon After a Major Storm Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

Intense storms are among the most common causes of regular damage to the roof. Unfortunately, sometimes these damages are not obvious. For instance, your roof shingles may look unharmed after a storm only to realize later that your roof is leaking. Therefore, it is important to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor … Read more