Planning for Roofing Materials Shortages

The rising number of investors in real estate has led to a significant rise in the number of ongoing construction projects, which has resulted in a steady rise in the demand for roofing materials.

This demand has put a lot of pressure on the manufacturers and suppliers of roofing materials in American and overseas, leading to unexpected shortages in roofing materials. Therefore, as a roofing contractor or property developer, you need to plan for these shortages to avoid delays. Continue reading to know what to do when preparing for roofing materials shortages.

How to Plan for Shortages in Roofing Materials

Include Clauses in Your Contract

As a contractor, you need to be aware of your client’s expectations. This means that you have to take a closer look at your contract to know if there are clauses that explain what happens in case of a delay in the completion of the project. If your agreement doesn’t have these clauses, you need to include them, outlining the specific schedule of completion and requirements. Your contract should also have a damages clause to protect you against price volatility and supply shortages.

Make Realistic Projections and Lead Time

When you are writing your contract, it is essential to factor in the possibility of delays due to shortages in roofing materials and other unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, you need to make realistic projections on the completion time and supply of roofing materials and other construction materials. This calls for extensive research on the availability of roofing materials and the available suppliers. This helps manage your client’s expectations and allows you to create a contract that doesn’t tie you when there is a delay.

Spread Your Roofing Work

If you anticipate a shortage in roofing materials, you can spread the roofing work over multiple breaks to coincide with the anticipated shipments. Therefore, you can order your roofing materials in installments depending on their availability. Ensure that these breaks are included in your contract so that your client is aware of them right from the start of the project.

Order in Advance

Once you’ve done your research on the availability of the specific roofing materials you require, you will know if to expect a shortage or delay in supply. If you suspect a shortage, you should order all the roofing materials necessary in advance to avoid delays. This is not hoarding; instead it’s called prudent project management.