Annual Inspections Find Flaws That Could Spell Trouble For Your Building

Roof-Blisters-Commercial-Roof-Maintenance-Commercial-Roof-Repair-San-Angelo-TX Why Annual Roof Inspections Are Important Hi, this is Matt with Commercial Roofs of Texas. I’m inspecting a roof for an annual inspection. A new roof that we installed last year in North Dallas. Just checking it out. Everything appears to be in good shape. I noticed they got a new air conditioner on … Read more

Why Use PVC Single Ply Roofing

Here’s Why You Want a PVC Roof We’re out here on a fire restoration project looking at the roof. We’re getting ready to replace it and i wanted to share with you the value I see here. A lot of people don’t understand the value of PVC. This building would have burned to the ground … Read more

Don’t Let Your Commercial Roof Get “Blisters” Like This!


Learn more about our RoofSaver program The reason for this video is I want to talk a little bit about our our roof saver and roof saver plus and I want to point some things out on this roof um that we could have avoided had we had someone up here maintaining this roof on … Read more

Benefits of Roof Saver and Roof Saver Plus for Bitumen Roofs


Since we get a lot of questions about the types of issues that can occur with modified bitumen and granule covered asphalt roofs, we created a video that discusses some of these issues and explains how our Roof Saver Plus program helps remediate these issues. It can definitely make a difference in the life of … Read more